6 Stunning new co-working spaces around the globe

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You may be living the dream — being paid and able to travel — but every freelancer knows how lonely it can be to spend every day alone, holed up working in a hotel room or apartment.

You may be living the dream — being paid and able to travel — but every freelancer knows how lonely it can be to spend every day alone, holed up working in a hotel room or apartment. Even with nights and weekends free to explore and interact with your new surroundings, it can be tiresome to spend working hours without a soul to communicate with in person.

Fortunately, because of the drastic rise in the numbers of freelancers across the globe, co-working spaces have popped up in cities from New York to Hong Kong. While all of them welcome freelancers and other office-less workers, some stand above the rest as beautiful in their organization or location. If you’re looking for a stunning space to carry on with your daily work alongside an army of fellow freelancers, look no further than these 10 shared offices around the world.

“This is a very useful post. As a nomad I’m always looking for shared work spaces. Up to recently though, these have been quite elusive. I’m hoping more will pop up soon.”

1. CoCo — Minneapolis, U.S.
What was once the huge trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange is now an architecturally stunning sunlight co-working space for freelancers. While this office might not have views of the beach, it is always well-stocked with free coffee and pastries for hard-at-work entrepreneurs looking for a quiet place to finish projects.

2. Betahaus — Barcelona, Spain
If you find yourself visiting Barcelona and needing a place to work, you’re in luck: Betahaus is touted as one of the best freespaces in the entire world. While the huge industrial space is filled with desks and couches perfect for work, Betahaus is also a working cafe open to anyone. Here, you get the best of both worlds — a coffee shop and a creative office all rolled into one.

3. Projective Space — New York City, U.S.
Recently redesigned, this co-working space was created specifically with tech startups in mind. With big windows looking out onto verdant SoHo streets and bright white walls and dark floors, the space is awe-inspiring — and for many small startups, idea-inspiring as well. The office’s website lists the companies currently in use of the space, so those hoping to rub elbows with influential people can start planning their chance encounters.

4. The Factory — Berlin, Germany
Internet giants Google, Mozilla, and others set out to create an idea space for up-and-coming developers and engineers. Built inside an old building on top of the old Berlin Wall, this office has bustling Berlin right outside and the brightest minds in Europe inside. However, seats are limited to the best and brainiest, so you’ll need to pass the application process to get in the doors.

5. Co+Hoots — Phoenix, U.S.
Arizona is never short on sunlight, which is what makes this co-working space so gorgeous. Big glass windows and skylights let in plenty of natural light, enhancing energy and fostering happiness. Co+Hoots encourages businesspeople to engage with artists (and vice versa) with events nearly every day, from TEDtalk Tuesdays to Food Truck Fridays.

6. Freeware — Jakarta, Indonesia
If you aren’t bothered by noise and movement, this office space is an interesting and exciting place to hunker down and work. Freelancers and entrepreneurs in all industries are welcome to utilize the space, meaning musicians, fashion designers, and other creative types often provide showings of their newest masterpieces.

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