DhannoCare — This Delhi based startup is making sure to get your car cleaned and pampered at your doorstep every day.

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Every start-up has a story, DhannoCare not been an exception to the rule. Necessity is the mother of invention,this quote appropriately defines the birth of DhannoCare — A door step daily car cleaning service.
The story started about 4 years ago when the CEO and the co-founder of DhannoCare.com bought a brand new car, but to his amazement, he couldn’t find a professional company to get the car cleaned and pampered.
Since he was able to identify the vacuum in the service industry and realised the huge potential of the market at an early stage. He decided to start a professional service that provides a daily car cleaning service to car owners directly at their doorsteps. It took more than 4 years for a deep market research, analysis of the problem faced by the car owners, design of an optimum solution after which the brand “DhannoCare” was established. The motive of the service was to provide daily car cleaning in a professional manner with a standard checklist. Just to give a peace of mind to every car owner before they leave for their office work.
The pilot run started in January 2018 with 10 cars and a fully functional advanced mobile app. The concept proved to be fail proof with huge potential to cash on. They still wanted to be sure and took four months to optimise the whole process from end to end. The service was then launched in East Delhi’s Vasundhara Enclave Area and then expanded to Guar City, Noida Extension. The services of DhannoCare became popular by word of mouth. The feedback of the customers instilled the much required vigor in the team and they were more than ready to provide the services to a larger area now.

Dhannocare https://dhannocare.com/ – Dhannocare provides you with daily car cleaning at your doorsteps. You have an option to pick up the most suited car cleaning packages as per your requirements. They have design very funny package name like Kalia care, Sambha Care and Gabbar Care.

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