“Good People Welcome In Politics”: Manish Sisodia To Prakash Raj

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"I welcome Prakash Raj's decision and all good people are welcome in politics," AAP leader Manish Sisodia said in a meeting with the actor and party's volunteers in Bangalore.

“I welcome Prakash Raj’s decision and all good people are welcome in politics,” AAP leader Manish Sisodia said in a meeting with the actor and party’s volunteers in Bangalore. Mr Raj thanked the AAP and Manish Sisodia for the assuring support to his political journey.

The meeting was organised by the Bangalore unit of the AAP, in the presence Karnataka Convenor Prithvi Reddy.

Earlier, Prakash Raj had tweeted saying: “I will be contesting in the coming parliamentary elections as an independent candidate. Details of the constituency soon”.


– They attract a mass following and can sway public opinion in the right direction.

– The celebrities have been successful in their respective field and have the right ethics required being successful in politics.

– Celebrities can do a lot for the welfare of the people as they also live in amongst the common people.

– They have the power to persuade or convince the majority to work in favor of development of the country.

– They have a huge fan following which only makes it easier for them to operate.


– Whether it is Govinda or any other actor for that matter, no one’s attendance has been up to the mark in parliament.

– No one has really raised a particular issue, which has worked in the favor of the nation.

– If you were to analyze the achievements of the actors present in politics, it has been close to negligible.

– They are already so engrossed in their lives, that it has been seen over the years that they don’t have the political mind frame to perform in politics.

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