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abhiFebruary 11, 20196min4040

“e-Ping, Best Quality Brand with a Range of Latest Innovative Mobile Accessories”

-D. K. Bharti, Country Head-India


e-Ping, is best quality Brand (A Brand of Ping Telematics Pvt. Ltd., Manufactured& Marketing by Tanu Electronics, This is the Noida-based company, A brand of mobile accessories with a range of innovative and latest products.

D. K. Bharti, Country Head-India, e-Ping, “Though e-Ping is a new brand, the team have been in the mobile accessories industry for the past two decades and know ins and outs of this business thoroughly—from product management to sales and channel management. two decades of resourceful experience in marketing mobile accessories. With smartphones usage growing rapidly, the demand for accessories is also growing proportionately. In general, a smartphone needs 3 or 4 accessories like adaptors, cables, car chargers, headphones, etc. There are very few accessory brands that sell across India; most sell in grey market without any specific targeted segment. Though 70 to 80% accessories are sold in grey market in India, we see a lot of scope still for new and white brands, as there is still a big gap in the market which needs to be filled. Our brand e-Ping offers gadgets with latest technology with great quality. Further, we are giving 365-day or some products have 6 months replacement warranty which few others give. We are also going to provide accessories similar to those being provided by premium brand , but at a much lesser prices.”

Many brands in the market who are struggling to establish as people want to buy inexpensive accessories that are freely available in the market, on the streets and near bus-stands and railway stations without attention to the brand and quality.How e-Ping position itself in the Indian market?

On how e-Ping is positioned, D. K. Bharti comments, “Yes, in India customers are price-sensitive, but are changing too at the same time. People are now shifting to quality and are ready to pay a little more for better experience and they are evolving. We place ourselves in the mid- to high-end segments.”

Talking about their product range, D. K. Bharti, “We have a good range of mobile accessories like Mobile charger, Car Charger, Power Banks, earphones, Mobile batteries & Cables, and a variety of power Banks, Bluetooth and wireless are our targets. We are going to launch premium Bluetooth & Speakers.”

Are you manufacturing in India or importing your products from China?

Regarding their production policy and Make in India, D. K. Bharti briefs, “Currently We are manufacturing some products and some are assembling by tanu electronics, in Noida, India for e-Ping and also some others Brand. So our products aremade in India. In case of Bluetooth speakers and headphones which are not manufactured in India, we will import from China.”

Indian market is cluttered with a lot of brands in India (operating in both grey and white segments). It needs a lot of hard work for a new brand to make inroads and reach that threshold level of acceptance among customers in the market to sustain and grow, what will be your marketing approach?

Talking about their marketing strategy, D. K. Bharti, “We have differentiated our products into those that can be sold online and those offline. Our online product range will be different from offline range so that they do not compete with each other. We are very selective on which products are right to be online and offline. In the first phase, we will have 3 or 4 products online. Overall we will have several types of each product to appeal to different types users. Initially, we have launched our products in North, East and West India regions where we already have some partners familiar with us.
Initially, we have operate thru 100 partners focusing on 15,000 outlets. In the second phase, we will expand to South India regions. By 2020, we will be present across India. We will not do wholesaling; we will sell only thru channel. Also digital marketing will be an important part of our marketing strategy to aid the channel. Based on our experience and insight, we are confident that we will make quick inroads into the market and establish ourselves as one of the front runner mobile accessories brands by 2019-20.”