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Opening the Recurring Deposit in the Bank for Every Month’s Small Savings

Racking account ie RD account These accounts are opened mostly in the post office i.e. in the post office or in the banks. The advantage of opening it is that you can deposit a fixed amount every month or in one year in this account. Whatever time the account is opened for any time, when it is completed, the entire money will come into your account with interest. You do not have any kind of loss in this account, but you have the advantage.

What is the benefit from you?

The biggest feature of RD is that you can put small saves of your every month in it. For example, you save Rs 500 or Rs 1000 every month. Now if you keep this money in your hand or keep it in the normal account then you will be at risk of expenditure. In such a situation, you can put the remaining money in the recurring deposits every month. Money is locked in this account, however, you can stop your RD account at any time if needed. The good thing is that you get interest in it too.

RD is opened for a fixed time limit. You can open it in the name of any member of your family or your family.

You can start a recurring deposit at the bank or your nearest post office. The recurring deposit is for six months to 10 years. There are some banks, where an online RD account is opened for 12 months.

How To Now Open Online RD-

If you do not want to open these accounts by going to the bank or post office, you can open online. For this you need to have NetBanking facility. You must enter a username and password. However, there is also a rule that you can apply for this account only from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You need to have an account with the bank from which you want to open a RD account, so that when you open the RD account, you can give all the information to that bank account.

Keep in mind that when you open this account online, you will be asked how much money you want to deposit, how much you will be able to deposit every month, write as much money as you can each month. Some banks, however, offer offline deposit money. But for the first time you have to pay online.

If you want the money first

If you want to break the RD before the scheduled time, you will have to contact the bank or post office where you have opened the RD. It does not have to have more head quenched for it. You have to complete some formality. After that you will be able to easily get your deposit with interest. However, before the time of breaking the RD, interest is not paid.

This kind of account is opened mostly in rural areas. Because it has the facility of opening account with 10 rupees, but the account opened with such rupees has to be continued for five years and 10 rupees per month has to be deposited. When the time is over, then you can withdraw these rupees with interest. All the bank’s interest is different, so be sure to know the interest you will get in the account where you are opening the account.

Deposit money every month-

If you have opened a RD account of 500 rupees, then you have nothing to do. Take you to your RD Book passbook or post office. You will get a deposit form from there, in which you will have to type the name, the customer ID and the amount, and after that the bank employee will return the passbook to you by entering your pass book.